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Welding Electrode-Holders, Eco and Professional Models

DIN EN 60974-11
Design: German / European / American
Electrode-Dia: 1.6 - 8.0 mm
Cable: 25- 99 mm²
Power Rating: 200A - 600A
Electrode Holder with completely insulated polyamide handle with fibre glass reinforced and rubber handgrip handle, for a maximum safety with cable connection.
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STANDARD MIG / MAG WeldingTorches

DIN EN60974-7
Euro-central-connector with spring pins, flexible and very robust coaxial cable.
Air Cooled Rating: 60% (10 min.) Mix: 140 A-360 A
Wire Dia: 0,6 -1,0/0,8 -1,2 /1,0 -1,6mm
Water Cooled Rating: 100%(10 min.) Mix: 280 A - 450A
Wire Dia: 0,8-1,2 /1,0-1,2/1,0-1,6mm
WIG/TIG WeldingTorches
Rubber outer cover, high voltage resistant up to 10 kV.
Air Cooled Rating: 60 % (10 min.) AC. 80 -170 A / DC. 110-240 A
Water Cooled Rating: 100% (10 min.) AC.100A -350 A / DC. 140A -500 A
Wire Dia: 0,5-4,0/1,0-4,0 /2,0 -8,0 mm
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Welding Earth Clamps (For light and heavy duty applications)

BS 638.5 (DIN EN 60974-11)
Alster (150A - 600A)
Economical clamp, galvanized steel, with spring and brass/copper cable connection with braided copper straps.
Timsah (250A - 600A)
Eco & Heavy models clamp, galvanized steel sheet, with braided copper straps.
Aligator (250A - 600A)
Euro-Heavy Brass Clamp with brass jaws, very good contact surface.
Maximum Power Rating: (35%) 200 A bis / up to 600 A
Cable-Dia: upto: 25 -95 mm²
Bild fehlt noch Welding Cables


Welding Cables

DIN VDE. 0282-6 & HD 22.6
Rubber Insulated Welding Cable "< HAR > H 01N2-D "
Nominal Dia: 10-120 mm²
PVC-Insulated on request.
Other welding equipment and accessoires available on request
Bild fehlt noch Rubber Welding Hoses


Rubber Welding Hoses

DIN EN 559/ISO 3821
Single & Twin Line for Oxygen and Acethylene for welding and cutting. Excellent ozone and weather resistant.
Cover: Synthetic Rubber. NR/SBR or NR/EPDM
Colour:red, blue, green
WP:2 Mpa (20 bar)
ID:Ø 5 mm up to Ø 10 mm
Length:20, 25, 40, 50, 100 m / 3/16"-3/8"
Temp. appx.:- 20° C bis / up to + 80°C

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