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Bild fehlt noch Welder Leather Protection Clothes


Welder Leather Protection Clothes

DIN EN 340/470-1

  • Welding Jackets made of highquality cow spilt & grain leather. Design to protect the upper body of the user from welding spatter and grinding particles, breathable & flexible quality. Sizes: XL and XXL
  • Welding Leather Aprons made of high quality cow spilt & grain leather with clip or cotton straps.
  • Leather Sleeves & Gaiters made of high quality cow spilt leather. For protection of arms from welding spatters. We offer also gaiters/leg guards for protection of bottom of trousers and shoes during welding or grinding.
Bild fehlt noch Leather Welding Gloves


Leather Welding Gloves

EN388/EN40, EN 12477

Made of high quality Cow / Buffalo / Goatskin Spilt & Full Grain leather.
Style:European and American
Sizes:In different
Quality:Standard & Professional
Also Working Gloves on request available.
Bild fehlt noch Leather Safety and Welder Shoes, Rigger Boots


Leather Safety and Welder Shoes, Rigger Boots

DIN EN ISO 20345:2004 S1-S3

Leather Safety Shoes & Boots, Safety Shoes with steelcap
DIN EN ISO 20345:2004S1-3

Welder Shoes & Boots
DIN EN ISO 20345:2004 S2
Size:39 - 48
Sole:PU Rubber

Contact Heat Resistant: up to 300° C
Rigger Boots
DIN EN 345-1 S3, antistatisch
Sole:Dual density PU

Lining: Warm synthetic fur and fleece. Leather oil- and water-repellent.
Bild fehlt noch Welder Goggles


Welder Goggles

DIN EN 166/169/175 / ANSI-Z-87.1
Eye protection against light produced by flame welding or cutting etc.
Type:Flip-up front and fix front cup
Lens Dia:50 mm
Frame Type:Soft PVC
We also supply various types of helmets and handshields.
Please send us a detailed inquiry.
Bild fehlt noch Welding Blankets & Fire Blankets


Welding Blankets & Fire Blankets

Welding Blankets provide shielding / protection against sparks, welding spatters, slags generated by arc-welding or metal cutting & grinding, also useable as fire protection blanket in Off-Shore work.

Material:Glass fiber and calcium-silicate
Quality:in various weights
Temperature-Range:+ 550°C -1300°C
Size Range:100x100 / 200x200 / 300x300 / 400x300 / 400x400 cm
Ready Blankets in diverse sizes available on request.

Other dimensions are available on request.
Bild fehlt noch Pipeline Widely Heavy Duty Webbing Sling, hooks lifting and lifting beams


Pipeline Widely Heavy Duty Webbing Sling, hooks lifting and lifting beams ( SF. 7:1)

Belt width: 300 / 600 / 900 mm
Nominal Lifting Capacity: 16 Tons / 32 Tons/ 48 Tons
Standard Flat Webbing Lifting Belt with slings
DIN EN 1492-1 / BS 3481-2 / ISO 4878
Safety Factor:6:1/7:1
Size Range
Ply Range:1-4
Width:25 - 300 mm
Length Range:in various
Color acc.:EN-1492-2
Lifting Capacity:SWL / WWL: 0,5 up to 24 Tons

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