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Abrasive Grit /Coal Slag Sandblasting/Shotblasting Abrasive

DIN EN ISO 11126-4 & 11127

UNISIVGRIT blastcleaningabrasive for surface preparation before coating with corrosion protections. Especialy suitable for Oil- and Gas Pipelines, Off-Shore & On-Shore, Shipyards, Tank, Coachwagon, blast-removal of mill scale & rust, old paint, drit and contamination on steel, building facades etc. for cleanliness of different levels of surfaces acc. to standard ISO 8501, SA-2 to SA-3.

Additional grain sizes on request. We can also supply mineral and metallic blasting abrasives e.g. Alu-Oxide, Copperslag, Granet, Glass Beads and Steel Shot etc.

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MQ-SP Pressure Sandblastpots

Portable Pressure Blast Equipment Wheel Pots for Abrasive Mediums.
Capacity Range:
180, 300, 420, 600, 900 lbs
All blasting wheel pots are available with pneumatic remote controlled and manual controlled system.
Spare Parts and Accessories:
Nozzles, Holders & Couplings deliverable in various sizes on request.
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Sand Blasting Rubber Hoses

Robust, high abrasion-resistant antistatic sandblasting rubber hose for delivery of various abrasive and sandblasting mediums.
Working pressure::12 bar / 175 psi / WP 12 bar / 175 psi
Product Range:ID Ø 1/2"-3"
Roll Length: 10 m - 40 m
Other sizes on request.
Bild fehlt noch Nozzles, Holders & Couplings


Nozzles, Holders & Couplings

Sandblast Nozzles, Holders, Couplings for wheel pots, blast room & cabinets.
NozzleMaterial: Ceramic/Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide/Boron Carbide. Nozzle Dia: Ø [Zoll/Inch]: 2/16 3/16 4/16 5/16 9/16 7/16 8/16 10/16 12/16
Holder and Nylon & Metal Couplings in various sizes are available acc. to requirements.

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